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The birth of LIVING IN

Living In is a real estate company that excels at sharing the authentic Spanish lifestyle with an audience passionate about culture, design and art. Our close
collaboration with Openhouse Magazine, a prestigious bi-annual publication, allows us to explore and celebrate in depth the aspects that make living on the peninsula an exceptional experience.

Living In is inspired by this philosophy of life and the vision of Openhouse Magazine. Our mission is to bring this lifestyle rooted in deep and authentic values to our clients, helping them find properties that embody these values. Living In is a bridge that connects the world of design, architecture and culture with the experience of “Buen Vivir”.

The life we have shared
Be part of LIVING IN

We are a real estate agency that goes beyond the conventional, creating unique experiences in the real estate world. Valuing excellence, authenticity and a
passion for architecture and the Spanish lifestyle, this team of passionate professionals is looking for salespeople with vision and ambition to help clients find their architectural masterpieces.

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